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Tucker Carlson & Fox News Declares War On LGBTQ

Friday night Fox News and Tucker Carlson declared war on the LGBTQ community. Last week’s trans descrimination ban signed by Executive Order by President Biden totally pissed Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingrahams Friday night broadcasts on Fox. Carlson lead his news broadcast with, what he described as “the descrimination of woman” that the Trans descrimination ban represented. He suggested that all Americans could get into the woman’s bathroom stall. The story dominated the top and the largest portion of Carlson’s show. Interestingly he suggested that the LGB of the American community does not support this Trans descrimination policy. He also suggested that so many in the US are not speaking out against the new Executive order for fear of being characterized as homophobic. All three shows Friday night focused extensively on a cultural war on Trans descrimination, trans student participation in sports and the contradictions it represents. Fox news made a clear commitment to demonstrate just two days after President Bidens inauguration that trans issues will be front and center to the conservative right of America and especially fox news.

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