Reddit users say these are the most underrated cities for gays

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You probably know some LGBTQ meccas around the world — Berlin, New York, and San Francisco come to mind, for example — but Redditors have been listing the world’s “most underrated cities for gays” in a recent thread. Combined with Gay Cities, and OutTraveler reporting on favorite LGBTQ cities, the list might surprise you. Top American cities included San Diego. Contributors talk about weather and the gayborhood of Hillcrest as reasons why. Boulder, Colorado makes the list for a small city as have a very liberal community mindset and healthy lifestyle especially in year round outside opportunites. Surprisingly Washington DC makes the list not for it’s power brokers but because of having some of the best gay sports leagues and sports bars in the country. St Petersburg, Florida makes the list for the largest pride in the South and a welcoming retirement community for the LGBTQ community, especially women. Other US cities making the lists included Atlanta, New Orleans French Quarter, and Charleston for historic charm and a warm embracement of the LGBTQ community. Smaller cities Ann Arbor, Michigan and Columbus, Ohio ranked high because of a rich college town community that ensured LGBTQ integration in community and academic activities. International results may surprise you. Tops on the list was Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a surprise because of the Trump-like anti LGBTQ President and the nations less than supportive LGBTQ stance. But Sao Paulo bucks that trend with the world’s largest LGBTQ Pride with more than 2 million participants. Britain including two top stand outs of small town Grimsby, England and the mammoth London. On the Continent, Lisbon, Portugal received high marks for its very accepting attitude to LGBTQ people. And finally, the surveys showed that in travel, it’s really no surprise that two of the world’s top LGBTQ travel destinations were in the same metro region and the home of Queer News Tonight… commonly referred to as South Florida. Ft Lauderdale’s & Broward County was the #1 LGBTQ travel destination in the world and Miami-Dade County was #2. Combined, more LGBTQ people visit than any other destination in the world. South Florida received high marks for it’s cruise ports, LGBTQ guest houses, hotels, bars and an LGBTQ social integration unique in America. And by the way, we already knew this before Reddit, Gay Cities and OutTraveler began to explore these options.

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