Study Finds Injectable HIV Treatment Only Requires Six Doses Per Year

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A new study finds Monthly injections to treat HIV are as effective when used every two months. ViiV Healthcare, a specialist HIV company which is part of GlaxoSmithKline, earlier this year achieved FDA approval for Cabenuva, a monthly injectable antiretroviral regimen to treat HIV.
The monthly injections were touted for their ability to reduce treatment for the virus from a daily pill regimen to just 12 treatment days per year. Now, ViiV has announced that Cabenuva — a combination of two antiretroviral injections, ViiV’s cabotegravir and Johnson & Johnson’s rilpivirine — can achieve similar levels of performance when administered every two months.
Dr. Hans Jaeger from ViiV said “It provides an option that could change the treatment experience for some people living with HIV by removing the need for daily pills for the treatment of HIV. This regimen can enable people living with HIV to reduce the days they receive treatment from 365 to 12 or 6 per year, representing a paradigm shift in their experience of HIV treatment.” Data from ViiV’s global study confirmed that dosing the treatment every two months was “non-inferior to monthly dosing,”

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