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(VIDEO) Special Interview with guest anchors and winners of The Amazing Race, Will Jardell and James Wallington

Join us as we discuss The Amazing Race with Season 32 Winners Will Jardell and James Wallington about their competition, their engagement, and their current projects.

Tonight We Have A Unique Opportunity To Talk About The Amazing Race. Did You Know It’s Gay.  Well, Kind Of. This Year Celebrates The 20th Year And The Amazing Race Is The Most Awarded Reality Show In History.  A Gay Married Couple Won The Race On Season 4 But Something Historic Happened On This Seasons, Season 32. After North America, Caribbean, South America, Europe And Asia, Partners Will Jardell And James Wallington Won Amazing Race Season 32.  But The Drama Was Not To Be The First To Cross The Finish Line… The Real Drama Was When Crossing The Finish Line, Will Proposed To Matt While The Entire World Watched. Their Lives Literally Changed At That Moment And Now They Travel The World As Experts, Currently Doing Destination Reporting For One Of The World’s Top LGBTQ+ Content Providers Out Traveller.  We Again Welcome Will Jardell And James Wallington To Queer News Tonight.

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