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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

What are you doing for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week? If you didn’t know, Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (ASAW) is for raising awareness and progressing acceptance of aromantic spectrum identities, which include people who generally are uninterested in romantic relationships. It is held on the first full week following Valentine’s Day which in 2021 is from February 21 to February 27.The celebratory event is internationally recognized. During the week, LGBTQ groups worldwide hold events to raise awareness of aromanticism and show support for people on the aromantic spectrum. When it comes to LGBTQ topics, a big emphasis is made on sexual orientation, based on sexual attraction people feel towards others — but people have a romantic orientation as well, based on the emotional attraction they may feel towards others. While the two are often connected, sexual attraction and romantic attraction are different for many people. Aromantics are people who do not seek romantic attraction or lack the experience of that feeling. This is similar to asexual people, who do not seek or feel the experience of sexual attraction. According to ASAW website, it was created so aromantic people could come together and celebrate their own unique experiences. The Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy (AUREA), the website Aromantic.LGBT, and others in the romantic identity community lead the way in organizing the event yearly.

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