19 Portraits of Russian Masculinity From Seva Galkin

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At Queer News Tonight we think it is very important to propel our unique gay culture through our artists, authors, painters and other of creative content producers. Tonight we head to Russia to show you an amazing new book called G-Male. Russia is a mystery to the US LGBTQ community. After all, they have a Trump-like president Putin and the country dramatically oppresses LGBTQ rights. So when artist Seva Galkin and writer Valery Pecheykin debuted Galkin’s new book, G-Male, everyone at Queer News Tonight took notice. The artist who wants to keep up with the time has three choices: being provocative, being an aesthete, or playing by the rules. But it is not necessary to choose only one way. Seva Galkin is provocative and aesthetic, but the most interesting part is his way of playing by the rules. His camera lens is a trap for rules. May a man be strong? Yes, he may – and should. Should not his strength be shown? It should, too. So, should not he undress for this? Well… Kind of… Yes. Maybe. So, the man appears naked. And not just literally – he undresses the rules he plays by. Galkin notes Love is not practiced in Russia. Love is considered as a sign of weakness in Russia. But his images turn love into a strength. The new book is a rare glimpse for Western LGBTQ people in understanding the complexities of Russia in politics, civil rights, sex, and in LGBTQ love. We encourage you to go to his facebook and instagram pages and you can purchase G-male now.

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