(VIDEO) A Gay Michigan Couple Are Flipping Homes in Detroit on Their Very Own HGTV Show

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It’s the newest show on the HGTV network, “Bargain Block” stars personal and professional partners Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, follows the couple as they put a unique spin on the concept of house flipping. They buy boarded up and abandoned houses in neglected Detroit neighborhoods for as little as $1,000 and live in them while they invest their own money fixing them up and bringing them back to life. Bynum said “We love taking on the absolute worst of the worst. The house that no one wants or believes in, that’s our jam.” He shared he was disowned by his family when he came out, feels especially at home in Detroit’s land of misfit houses. Bynum, an artist, and Thomas, who has a PhD in physics from the University of Colorado, met through Match.com. The hardship of purchasing the type of homes they are renovating in Detroit breaks many stereotypes of what gay men can do.

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