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New Study Reports LGBTQ Migranes Twice As Likely As Counterparts. Ellen DeGeneres’ Suggests “Gay Tylenol”

A new study has revealed that gay, lesbian and bisexual people experience migraines 58 percent more often than straight people.  The University of California ‘s study found that gay, lesbian and bisexual people weren’t the only groups who get migraines more often. Women, poor people and Black Americans also experience them at higher rates than the general population. Dr. Jason Nagata, assistant professor of pediatrics at UCSF told the Thomson Reuters Foundation “There might be a higher rate of migraines in LGB people because of discrimination, stigma or prejudice, which may lead to stress and trigger a migraine.”  Discrimination created migraines may seem obvious before study results were announced. What was unusual is that Ellen DeGeneres had an immediate solution on the news. Ellens drug company, A VERY GOOD PRODUCTION announced a new product called gay Tylenol. In a commercial posted to her show’s Instagram, DeGeneres revealed a new over-the-counter medicine designed specifically for queer headaches. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

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