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(VIDEO) Biden Tells Trans Youth ‘Your President Has Your Back’

Trans America and LGBTQ America is celebrating last nights speech from President Joe Biden. In his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Joe Biden ranged over a wide variety of issues but took time to call for passage of the Equality Act and give a shout-out to transgender Americans. After promoting his proposed American Jobs Plan, American Families Plan, police reform, and other measures, he said, “I also hope Congress can get to my desk the Equality Act to protect the rights of LGBTQ Americans.”  But unique in the history of the United States, he went one step farther.

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(VIDEO) Discrimination against LGBTQ+ community is damaging Eastern Europe’s economic growth

Anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination is costing Eastern European countries almost 2% a year in economic growth. This week, a coalition of dozens of global companies promoting LGBTQ+ acceptance revealed that Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ukraine are losing billions of dollars each year. According to a report from Open For Business (OFB), this is due to the lack of equality for the LGBTQ+ community in legislation and the workplace, as well as higher health costs related to HIV, AIDS and depression. In all aforementioned countries, same-sex activity is legal. However, it’s difficult for LGBTQ+ people to live authentic lives as they are still denied the right to marry and are continuously met with discrimination and prejudice. OFB found that these countries are facing a “brain drain” of skilled workers and are struggling to win foreign investment. George Perlov, the report’s lead author, said “Countries that are more open (in terms of LGBT+ rights) are generally speaking financially and economically in a much better place.” The recent anti-LGBTQ+ policies in Poland, in particular, have been met with widespread condemnation.

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(VIDEO) AHF Florida AIDS Walks Raises $2 Million For South Florida LGBTQ

The News About The First Major In Person LGBTQ Event Just Keeps Getting Better. The Florida AIDS Walk And Music Festival Was Held This Weekend On Fort Lauderdale Beach.  News Is Encouraging That Covid-19 Protocols Were Successful And That The AHF Sponsored Event Raised An Astounding 2 Million Dollars. The Event Was Also Sponsored By Wells Fargo And Office Depot.  The Star Studded Event Including A Beach Concert With Lil Kim And Trina Benefitted So Many Of South Florida’s LGBTQ Non Profits, Especially Focused On HIV & Health Services.  Any Donation You Make Through May 30 Will Continue To Be Matched Dollar For Dollar By AHF

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In this episode:
– AHF Florida AIDS Walks Raises $2 Million For South Florida LGBTQ
– Three transgender people allege abuse at Miami jail
– A Gay Michigan Couple Are Flipping Homes in Detroit on Their Very Own HGTV Show
– Someday Your Prince Will Come
– Discord Is A Battleground In A Growing Porn Moral Panic
– Virginia Black Man Shot 10 Times By Police Is Gay
– Discrimination against LGBTQ+ community is damaging Eastern Europe’s economic growth
– Biden Tells Trans Youth ‘Your President Has Your Back’
– Queer News Tonight discusses “Once a Fury” for the OUTshine Film Festival


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(VIDEO) Queer News Tonight discusses “Once a Fury” for the OUTshine Film Festival

Queer News Tonight Is Proud To Showcase Many Of The Film Directors During The Outshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival And Tonight, We Are Pleased To Feature The Film “Once A Fury”. The Furies Were A 1970s Lesbian Feminist Collective That Advanced The Notion Of Lesbian Separatism To Correct What They Called The “Zig-Zag And Haphazard” Straight Women’s Movement. The Furies Were Intense: Twelve Women Began The Group, Worked Together, And Then Broke Up In Just Under Two Years. In That Short Time, They Wrote And Published A Widely Read Newspaper (Also Called The Furies) That Advanced Their Ideology And Still Seems Relevant 50 Years Later. “Once A Fury” Profiles Former Members Of The Furies, The Notorious 1970s Lesbian Separatist Collective That Published A National Newspaper And Planned To Seize State Power. The Film Features Interviews With 10 Of The Original 12 Furies, Photography By Jeb (Joan E. Biren), And Archival Materials. Joining Us Tonight Is Director/Producer Jacqueline Rhodes And Former Fury/Interviewee Ginny Benson. Once A Fury Is Jacqueline’s First Feature Film. She Is Currently A Professor Of Writing, Rhetoric, American Cultures & An Author, Ginny Is A Lifelong Activist And Former Fury. Her Memoir, “Olivia On The Record”, Was Just Published By Aunt Lute Books And Details Her Role In Establishing Olivia Records. Here To Tell Us More About “Once A Fury”, Virtually Playing At The Outshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival – Wednesday, April 28Th Through Sunday, May 2, Are Director/Producer Jacqueline Rhodes And Former Fury/Interviewee Ginny Benson!

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(VIDEO) Someday Your Prince Will Come

At Queer News Tonight We Continue To Bring Gay Culture To Our News Broadcast From Writers, Artists, Photographers And More.  Tonight We Bring You Well Known Photographer Paul Freeman And His Latest News.  His New Books  Larrikin Prince And Larrikin Bravado, Are Now Available. We Are Showing You Photos That Are Possible Without Censoring Them. Freeman Said “Larrikin Prince Harks Back To The European Themes Of My Heroics Collection, But Is Shot Entirely On Location. When I Was Kindly Offered The Use Of A 17th Century French Chateau And Grounds, I Knew This Would Form The Core Of Something Very Special. I Quickly Organised And Coordinated  As Many Men As I Could To Travel To Northern France And Lugged As Many Costumes And Wigs As I Could From London.” We Encourage To To Take A Close Look. You Can Learn More At Paul Freeman, His Fine Art And More on his social media or at

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(VIDEO) Discord Is A Battleground In A Growing Porn Moral Panic

This month, social media messaging app Discord cracked down on NSFW content access for iOS users. After popular backlash, Discord walked back some of its restrictions—but not all of them. In its revised iteration, Discord will ask 18+ users to opt in to NSFW content on desktop before being allowed to view it on iOS devices. NSFW servers deemed specifically focused on explicit pornographic content” will still not be accessible on iOS altogether. When reached for comment, a Discord representative SAID that its NSFW restrictions were made in compliance with Apple’s iOS App Store policies. Apple has “firm restrictions on nudity in the App Store” and only grants developers an exception for “incidental ‘NSFW content’” via user opt-in. Whether Apple or Discord is responsible for the policy, the messaging platform’s move toward NSFW content censorship is as concerning as it is unsurprising. Social media companies have increasingly cracked down on adult content over the past few years. Tumblr famously banned NSFW material in 2018, and Patreon began targeting erotic hypnosis content the following year, followed by anime porn and yaoi. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have all faced credible accusations of shadowbanning sex workers. Safe harbor for smut creators is becoming increasingly rare online; even independent art site Artoful officially banned 18-plus material in its terms of service this month.

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(VIDEO) A Gay Michigan Couple Are Flipping Homes in Detroit on Their Very Own HGTV Show

It’s the newest show on the HGTV network, “Bargain Block” stars personal and professional partners Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, follows the couple as they put a unique spin on the concept of house flipping. They buy boarded up and abandoned houses in neglected Detroit neighborhoods for as little as $1,000 and live in them while they invest their own money fixing them up and bringing them back to life. Bynum said “We love taking on the absolute worst of the worst. The house that no one wants or believes in, that’s our jam.” He shared he was disowned by his family when he came out, feels especially at home in Detroit’s land of misfit houses. Bynum, an artist, and Thomas, who has a PhD in physics from the University of Colorado, met through The hardship of purchasing the type of homes they are renovating in Detroit breaks many stereotypes of what gay men can do.

Queer Up South Florida

(VIDEO) Three transgender people allege abuse at Miami jail

The Transgender Legal Defense And Education Fund Sent A Letter To Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava Yesterday. The  Complaint Centered On Three transgender people that suffered alleged abuse at a Miami jail last year after police arrested them during Black Lives Matter protests. They said Christian Pallidine, a college student who identifies as a trans man, was attending a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Miami on May 31, 2020, when Miami-Dade police officers arrested him and charged him with violating a county-wide curfew. Pallidine arrived at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center a short time later, and the letter notes personnel abused him because of his gender identity. The letter to the mayor said “The staff at TGK subjected Mr. Pallidine to degrading and outrageous treatment because he is transgender. TGK staff forced him to strip and display his genitals in front of a group of officers — part of a series of invasive, pseudo-medical, sexualized procedures conducted on him for no legitimate purpose. TGK staff also belittled Mr. Pallidine, publicized his transgender status to others, asked gratuitous questions about his anatomy, and called him derogatory names.” The letter, among other things, notes Pallidine underwent an examination that “focused solely on his transgender status” and it “took place in a public area where others could easily see and hear him and the person questioning him.” The letter says the officer who conducted the exam asked him “multiple questions about his genitals and plans for future medical care, such as, ‘Do you want a penis in the future?” Pallidine alleges he was forced to take a pregnancy test “because of his genitals” and officers mocked him because of his gender identity. Pallidine also says officers forced him to undergo a strip search and placed him in solitary confinement before his release. Jae Bucci and Gabriela Amaya Cruz on July 19, 2020, attended a rally and march for Black trans women in downtown Miami. Miami-Dade police officers brought them to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after they arrested them. Both walked through similar examples of their anti-trans treatment by the officers and staff. A virtual press conference organized by TLDEF, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Harvard LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic discussed all three incidents. Currently there has not been an official response from the Miami-Dade County mayor’s office.

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(VIDEO) Twitter nukes Newt Gingrich And Franklin Graham for calling the pride flag “anti-American”

Former Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has run afoul of the Twitterverse after labeling US embassies flying the pride flag as “un-American.” In an interview with Fox News, Gingrich criticized the Biden Administration’s decision to reverse Trump-era edicts that barred embassies from flying the flag. Never one to sit silent, Twitter raked Gingrich for his remarks, pointing out his longtime homophobia and opposition to queer rights, as well as his own hypocrisy in having married and divorced several times. Secretary of state Antony Blinken announced on Friday (April 23) that all US diplomatic outposts would be authorised to fly the Pride flag, overturning a Trump-era ban just in time for Pride month. The happy news was celebrated by LGBTQ+ advocates around the world, but it spelled sheer doom for Franklin Graham, who urged his followers to pray for America. The notorious anti-LGBTQ+ preacher whined on Facebook “Why should a flag representing one group of people and a specific agenda be literally raised up above all others and allowed to fly at our embassies and consulates?”  Both suggested how infuriated Americans are with the State Department’s decision.  We remind our homophobic friends that surveys suggest 76% of Americans now support LGBTQ rights including what the rainbow flag symbol represents. Including the majority of evangelical christians.