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Transgender Day of Visibility

Each Year On March 31, The World Observes Transgender Day Of Visibility To Raise Awareness About Transgender People. It Is A Day To Celebrate The Lives And Contributions Of Trans People, While Also Drawing Attention To The Poverty, Discrimination, And Violence The Community Faces. Created In 2010 By Trans Advocate Rachel Crandall. Crandall, The Head Of Transgender Michigan, Created The Day In Response To The Overwhelming Majority Of Media Stories About Transgender People Being Focused On Violence. She Hoped To Create A Day Where People Could Re-Focus On Celebrating The Lives Of Transgender People. For The Trans Community In 2021, These Are The Best Of Times, These Are The Worst Of Times. We Have Seen Dramatic Support For The Community With The New White House, Justice Department, Pentagon And More. The US Senate Confirmed Dr. Rachel Levine, The Highest Trans Cabinet Post In History. Other Elected Officials Like Sarah McBride And Stephanie Byers Now Have Seats At The Long Awaited Table. But More Needs To Be Done As The Trans Community Is Also Under Relentless Attack From Tucker Carlson And FOX News, The Radical Republican Right And The Evangelical Community. So At Queer News Tonight We Celebrate. So We Also Remember There Is Still So Much To Do. So We Mark The 2021 Transgender Day Of Visibility.

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Wed Mar 31, 2021 Daily LIVE LGBTQ News Broadcast | Queer News Tonight

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Queer News Tonight Broadcast (Full) – Wed. Mar. 31, 2021 | Q News Tonight

In this episode:
– Transgender Day of Visibility
– White Party Palm Springs postponed from April to Halloween
– Billy Porter Is Back for Logo’s 2021 LGBTQ State of the Union
– Julian’s Fountain Of Youth & Flockfest Presents Bunnies On The Drive Sip N Strut This Sunday
– Trump’s Former White House COVID-19 Commission Say 31,430 LGBTQ Deaths Could Have Been Prevented
– Queer News Tonight interviews the founders of the House of Trouble


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Queer Up South Florida

Julian’s Fountain Of Youth & Flockfest Presents Bunnies On The Drive Sip N Strut This Sunday

What Happens When You Combine An Easter Bonnet, A Sip, A Strut, And The Most Famous Gay “Drive” In America? You Get Bunnies On The Drive Sip N Strut Presented By Flockfest.  This Charitable Easter Sunday Good Time Is For A Good Cause.  Meet At The Wilton Collective For The 2 Pm To 8 Pm Stroll.  You Will Be Participating In A Progressive Bar Crawl In Wilton Manors Down Wilton Drive. You Can Hop Your Way From The Wilton Collective To Lit Bar, Next To Alibi, To The Pub, Next To Drynk, To Hunters, Eagle And Finally Matty’s. The Easter Bonnet Contest Will Include $850 In Cash Prizes And There Will Be A Gym Bunny Contest. All The Easter Sunday Fun Will Benefit Julians Fountain Of Youth, A Local Non Profit Providing Programs For Our LGBTQ Youth. Join Us This Easter Sunday.

Queer Up South Florida

Queer News Tonight interviews the founders of the House of Trouble

Queer News Tonight Is Proud To Support Our Local Influencers, Personalities, Drag Queens, Artists, And Entertainers Here In South Florida, And Tonight We Are Happy To Feature Héctor Castaneda & Jorge Zambrano, Founders And Owners Of House Of Trouble.

Ever Since They Met 12 Years Ago, They Have Shared Publicly Their Story Of Love, Adventure, And Family As Genuinely As They Can, While Balancing Being Queer Individuals In The Professional World Has Allowed Them To Inspire Their Peers. Their Love Has Flourished Into More Than Just A Great Story, But A Beautiful Community Of Friends And Family That Like To Push Each Other To Achieve Their Full Potential.

They Like To Portray Themselves As Role Models To The LGBTQ+ Community In South Florida, As They Have Achieved What Queer Youth Tends To See As Unattainable Dreams. One Of Those Ideas Was To Create A Clothing Line That Would Represent Them, Their Community And The Vibrant Sayings They Hear Around Miami, Created House Of Trouble, With Designs That Are Relatable, Risqué, And Bold Conversation Starters.

To Tell Us More About Their Relationship, Brand, And What’s Next For House Of Trouble, Is Founders & Owners, Héctor Castaneda & Jorge Zambrano.

Queer Up Entertainment

Billy Porter Is Back for Logo’s 2021 LGBTQ State of the Union

This week the important 2021 LGBTQ State of the union address was delivered at LOGO TV by our “Gay-in-chief” Billy Porter. With the “orange menace” ousted from the Oval Office, LGBTQ Americans are finally celebrating a new American landscape. The Emmy-winning actor and activist has returned for the third year in a row to deliver Logo’s rousing speech assessing the status of LGBTQ acceptance and equality in the United States. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the past year. Between the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the nation’s new presidential administration, Porter had plenty of ground to cover. Porter said “In 2020, I told you our union remained far from broken, and our responsibility as citizens has never been more urgent,” the Pose star begins. “We survived a year of challenges that seemed insurmountable at times, and while we continue to face many of these adversities in 2021, I can confidently say that our union remains strong as we march toward greatness and inclusivity.” You can go to LOGO’s website to see the full speech. Hail to the chief.  Insert the correct pronoun here.

Queer Up Gay Culture

White Party Palm Springs postponed from April to Halloween

Circuit party promoter Jeffrey Sanker has announced this year’s White Party Palm Springs has been postponed until October. Last year’s event was canceled because of Covid-19. This year’s event was due to take place this April (23-26). Many of those attending would have been those still holding tickets for last year’s event. On his website, Sanker said the event will return for a three-day festival and “new beginning” over Halloween (October 29-November 1, 2021). White Party spokesperson Jack Ketsoyan said the event will return to the Hilton Palm Springs, with more details released nearer the time. He also said the 2022 event should return to its regular April slot. The event is the biggest gay circuit party in the US and attracts around 30,000 partygoers. Performers at the event in recent years have included Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, and Lady Gaga. Prior to its cancellation, the 2020 event was to be headlined by Meghan Trainor and Todrick Hall. The “new beginning” Sanker refers to could partly be a desire to put the pandemic behind him. Although he canceled his events in the US, he faced criticism from some quarters for continuing to hold big parties at his Mexico nightclub: Industry in Puerto Vallarta and a New Years Event that received international headlines as a covid super spreader event.

Queer Up Quarantine Quickies

Trump’s Former White House COVID-19 Commission Says 31,430 LGBTQ Deaths Could Have Been Prevented

More Than 39,000 LGBTQ Americans Have Died Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic. We All Know Of Someone Who Has Died Or Someone That Has Had Friends And Family Die During The Epidemic.  It Is The Largest Loss Of Life To Our Community In A Single 12 Month Period In American History. But Shocking News Is Coming Out From The Former Trump White House Coronavirus Commission This Week About The Dramatic Missteps And Political Posturing From The Trump Administration. The White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx Illustrates The Threats From Trump That Were Going On Behind The Scenes. Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, And Others In The White House Inner Circle Have Begun To Discuss The Rejection Of Science And Health Response By The President And His White House Advisors. Birx Suggests A Staggering And Wasted Loss Of Life Resulted. This Is A Full Stop Observation On President Trumps Pandemic Response. Suggesting 450,000 Americans Including 31,000 LGBTQ Deaths Could Have Been Prevented Or Significantly Mitigated If Trump Would Have Followed What The Medical Advisors Had Learned. This Blistering Account Was Supported Yesterday By Trump Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams. President Trump Had A Response To The White House Officials Yesterday. And It Was Totally Trump. It Is Clear They Hit The Bullseye Of Truth As His Response Was Very Personal And Notable For The Size Of The Response In Thousands Of Words. He Belittled Fauci’S Competency And Called Birx “A Liar”. He Stated That The Former White House Coronavirus Team Were Trying To Revise History. We Have Been Showing You Some Excerpts From His Statement. Trump Said “Based On Their Interviews, I Felt It Was Time To Speak Up About Dr. Fauci And Dr. Birx, Two Self-Promoters Trying To Reinvent History To Cover For Their Bad Instincts And Faulty Recommendations, Which I Fortunately Almost Always Overturned. They Had Bad Policy Decisions That Would Have Left Our Country Open To China And Others, Closed To Reopening Our Economy, And Years Away From An Approved Vaccine — Putting Millions Of Lives At Risk.” His Words And Actions Will Probably Not Stand Up To The Test Of History And Of Time. Queer News Tonight Remembers Those Lost To Covid-19.

Queer Up Quarantine Quickies

Vax 4 Vax’ Taking Over Grindr And Vaccines As Gay Sexual Currency

Oh you ingenious gay boys. It was bound to happen. Guys are now regularly sharing their COVID vaccination status in their app profiles. Alex Garner, Deputy Director of Gay Sexuality and Social Policy Institute at UCLA Luskin wrote in an interesting commentary for Advocate.  He said “Every time I see it as a profile name or highlighted in a profile on Scruff or Grindr it makes me wince. It feels eerily similar to the “Clean UB2” trend that we’ve endured and pushed back against over the years. Vaccinations are a very great thing but what exactly is the motivation for elevating your vaccination to some online status — and is stigma an unintentional consequence?” Garner is clear on the importance of Covid vaccinations for individual and public health. However he raises concern on the desire to elevate one’s vaccination status as a means to make oneself more desirable. Garner also raises questions about your sexual currency. Or your attempts to increase your social currency.  He asks “What other reason is there to make one’s profile name “vaccinated’ or “vax’d” or “vax for vax?” This is not health promotion, it is a clear attempt to increase one’s status online. If being vaccinated is more desirable then it inadvertently advances the notion that those who are not vaccinated are less desirable and that creates trouble for all of us.” From an LGBTQ community standpoint he points out inconsistency in access to vaccine, the inequalities and racism in health care and that we all do not have equal access. He points out how hard the LGBTQ community and especially gay men must work to address these inequalities. Garner stated “Using your vaccination as an attempt to make yourself more desirable online only serves to reinforce these inequities.”

Queer Up Religion

Holy Week Begins With Shocking Revelation Majority Of Priests Are Gay

Holy Week Begins In America And Around The World This Week For Christians, Jews And Muslims.  And That Includes For The LGBTQ Community.  Tonight We Explore The Worlds Largest Religious Organization, The Catholic Church And The Vatican.  Last Week The Church Made Worldwide Headlines When Pope Francis And The Church Said It Could Not Bless LGBTQ Unions Because God Could Not Bless Sin. The Church Has Many Contradictions And We Explore Why The Church Continues To Take This Position. After All, What Happens When Gay Priests, Bless LGBTQ Unions. This Contradiction Is Now Be Explored By The Church Itself.  Wisconsin’s Father Greg Griton, An Openly Gay Priest Discusses This Contradiction, And We Thank Our News Partners At CBS. You May Wonder If The Vatican Is Concerned About Their Congregation, Participation And Money. That Does Not Seem To Be The Case When Studies Show More Than 75% Of Catholics Support LGBTQ Equality. Father Griton’s Congregation Shows Support. Much Of The Issue In The Vatican And The Catholic Church Is Asking Their Priest To Be Silent In Who You Are. But That Doesn’t Stop The Love That Occurs Among Those Same Priests. What Happens For These Priests That Are Moral Leadership In Their Community. The LGBTQ Community Had Hopes When The Pope Said About LGBTQ “Who Am I To Judge.” That May Be Exactly What Pope Francis Is Doing And Many Priests Feel Its A Cancer Growing In The Church. In The Book About Catholic LGBTQ “Building A Bridge”, Father James Martin Is The Most Visible LGBTQ Advocate In The Catholic Church And Suggests This Holy Week That More Than Half Of All Priests Are Gay. In Frederic Martel’s Book, “In The Closet Of The Vatican”, He Makes Explosive Statements Calling The Situation In The Church “50 Shades Of Gay”. Martel Says That Priests Are The Last Silent Community And That Gay Priests Make Up A “Vast Silent Majority”. A Rome Sex Worker Who Has A Law Degree, Franchesco Monchocapra, Has Documented His Work With Vatican Priests. He Has A 1200 Page Summary Of Interactions With More Than 100 Vatican Priests Including Graphic Pictures, Texts And Other Documentation. We Have To Wonder What Is Happening In The Catholic Church. The Issue Is Not That So Many In The Church Are Gay. The Issue Doesn’t Seem To Be Sexual In Nature. But Rather, Why It Must Be Hidden. First Inside The Inner Circles Of The Vatican And The Church As A Whole. These Priests Are The Clearest Example Of Literally Living In The Closet. At Queer News Tonight We Think It’s Time For The Church To Come Out. As Wisconsin’s Father Greg Griton Suggests, The Church Is His Home.

Queer Up Education

Tennessee bill would ban books that mention LGBTQ people from public schools

Tennessee lawmakers are continuing their push to be the most anti-LGBTQ legislative body in the nation. Republican state Rep. Bruce Giffey (R) has now introduced a bill that would ban public schools from using books that mention LGBTQ people. H.B. 800 would ensure “public charter schools shall not locally adopt or use in the public schools of this state, textbooks and instructional materials or supplemental instructional materials that promote, normalize, support, or address lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender issues or lifestyle,” according to the text of the proposed law. The bill says that mentioning LGBTQ people “offends a significant portion of students, parents, and Tennessee residents with Christian values.” The Education Instruction Subcommittee had the first hearings today. If signed into law, it would go into effect during the next school year. Just this year, the state has passed bills that would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ parents, ban transgender youth from playing school sports, and another bill under consideration would make the Bible the state’s official book.