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Kate Freeman, Out Trans Woman, Wins On ‘Jeopardy!’

Lake Orion, Michigan native Kate Freeman won on Jeopardy! Friday night, and wore a trans pride flag while doing so. Freeman, who is a trans woman, won $5,559 in cash on the show. Freeman graduated from the University of Michigan and works as a financial analyst. It had been her dream to appear on Jeopardy since she was a child. The Final Jeopardy category was Broadway Revivals, with the question being about West Side Story. None of the contestants got the Final Jeopardy question right, but Freeman ended the night with the most money. She said she was proud she could bring a little trans representation to the show. “I spent a lot of time learning about and reflecting on my gender identity in grad school, coming out as transgender and lesbian a few months before graduating. I’m proud to be out and I know representation is important.” Some believe she is the first out trans person to have competed

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December 17 The Big Finish

Unprecedented’ named People’s Choice 2020 Word of the Year by
Python-sniffing dogs are Florida’s newest weapon in fighting invasive snakes
Christopher Walken Has Never Owned A Computer Or A Cell Phone

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All the LGBTQ+ Winners From Pornhub’s 2020 Awards

PornHub held its third annual PornHub Awards this week, which was live-streamed to fans around the world due to the pandemic. Literally, everyone was invited.
This year welcomed a slew of guest presenters and performers like legendary filmmaker John Waters, Violet Chachki, Jordan Firstman, TOMMY CASH, Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney, City Girls, Dee Nasty, and Ozuna. The winners were decided by real data from, which according to its website brings in over 140 million daily visitors and over 55 billion searches. No judges or deciding committees were commissioned to choose the winners. Rather, the winners were decided based on what users searched, viewed, and sought after the most this year — and if there was ever a year to be stuck at home watching porn, it was this one! Top winners included Rourke Gudel is the Top Twink Performer. Vanessa Veracruz is the Top Lesbian Performer. Zilv Gudel is the Most Popular Gay Male Performer. Daisy Taylor is the Most Popular Trans Performer. Austin Wolf is the Top Daddy Performer. Natalie Mars Was Voted Favorite Trans Model. Joey Mills Was Voted Favorite Gay Model. CzechHunter is the Most Popular Gay Channel. Gender X is the Most Popular Trans Channel. At Queer News Tonight we couldn’t agree more…. In Covid-19 Pandemic, Porn Hub was one of the brightspots for the LGBTQ community.

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Attend a Virtual ‘Prom’ With the Film’s Cast and More

This Saturday, everyone can go to The Prom. Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness will host The Prom: Tonight Belongs to You, with performances by Janelle Monáe and DJ Galantis as well as cameos by the cast of the film, streaming live at 8 p.m. Eastern Saturday on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Van Ness said “Everyone deserves to be celebrated, loved, and appreciated! So come join us and bring your Unruly Heart, and definitely your zazz hands!” Prom director Ryan Murphy and stars Jo Ellen Pellman and Ariana DeBose will also further introduce the Unruly Hearts Initiative, born out of their collaboration on the film. The Unruly Hearts Initiative is for anyone who is driven to get help or inspired to be a good ally. The initiative connects young audiences with trusted organizations that advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and youth through resources for housing insecurity solutions, mental health, mentorship, and professional development. The Prom, now available on Netflix, is set in a small Indiana town where the PTA cancels the high school prom rather than let two LGBTQ students attend. The film stars Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, and Andrew Rannells.

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Hungary Ramps Up Assault on LGBTQ+ Community, Bans Rights

The Hungarian parliament just passed legislation and amended their country’s constitution to effectively prevent LGBTQ+ people from adopting children. Under Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling right wing Fidesz party, the measures passed Monday by a vote of 134 to 45 with 5 abstentions. The new measures codify a binary redefinition of a family, restrict adoptions only to married couples consisting of a biological man and woman, and require single people to obtain a special exemption from the government before adoption. David Vig, director of Amnesty Hungary said “This is a dark day for Hungary’s LGBTQ community and a dark day for human rights. These discriminatory, homophobic and transphobic new laws – rushed through under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic – are just the latest attack on LGBTQ people by Hungarian authorities.” Right wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban has demonized the LGBTQ+ community as a means of solidifying his base of supporters. Earlier this year, the government adopted legislation that based a person’s gender on their “sex assigned at birth.”

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Over 370 Religious Leaders Call to End Conversion Therapy and Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence

Faith leaders from around the world have joined forces to support the well-being of LGBTQ+ people and call for an end to the harmful practice of conversion therapy.
The Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives has organized more than 370 religious leaders from at least 35 countries to sign onto a declaration that unequivocally supports the LGBTQ+ community and advocates for an end to violence that often stems from faith-based bigotry. The initiative is supported by the Ozanne Foundation, a charity that works with religious organizations to challenge anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. The declaration affirms that all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions are a “precious part of creation and are part of the natural order.” In addition, the document laments and expresses regret for long-standing religious teachings that have caused “deep pain and offense” to LGBTQ+ people, perpetuated injustice, fueled intolerance, led to family and faith-based rejection and alienation, and resulted in violence. Notable signatories include human rights activist and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. America’s The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ+ suicide prevention nonprofit, praised the declaration from the Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ live, and noted the negative mental health outcomes and increased suicide risk that stems from faith-based conversion therapy.


Could 252 LGBTQ Americans Have Died Yesterday Of Covid-19 And Why Are We Not Talking About It?

The U.S. on Wednesday reported the highest number of new cases of the coronavirus and the most COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began.
As of 1:30 a.m. Thursday, more than 3,600 Americans died Wednesday from complications of the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking coronavirus infection data.
Data from the COVID Tracking Project revealed more than 230,000 new coronavirus infections and showed 113,090 Americans were hospitalized with the virus — a number that’s been on the rise since Dec. 6. America seems to be have a wave ontop of a wave. This data based on standard acceptance of the American LGBTQ population percentage means likely more than 252 LGBTQ Americans died yesterday of Covid-19. Queer News Tonight has repeatedly reported that the Queer community has been more adversely afftected by Coronavirus because of the effects on industry’s of entertainment, service (including restaurants and bars), travel and more. Cases, hospitalizations, and especially deaths are likely a greater percentage of simple population. There seems to be little study or analysis of the statistical affects of Covid-19 on the LGBTQ community. But at Queer News Tonight we draw attention to yesterdays record day of the harm of this pandemic. And very likely more than 252 of our Queer Brothers, Sisters, And Non Binary family were lost yesterday. As 2020 comes to a close, we remember.

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Thu Dec 17, 2020 Daily LIVE LGBTQ News Broadcast | Queer News Tonight

In this episode:
4:15 Kate Freeman, Out Trans Woman, Wins On ‘Jeopardy!’
5:29 Attend a Virtual ‘Prom’ With the Film’s Cast and More (… )
7:48 All the LGBTQ+ Winners From Pornhub’s 2020 Awards
10:33 Broadway all-stars deliver stunning ‘Georgia on My Mind’ video for runoff election
13:15 Over 370 Religious Leaders Call to End Conversion Therapy and Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence
16:23 Hungary Ramps Up Assault on LGBTQ+ Community, Bans Rights
18:20 Could 252 LGBTQ Americans Have Died Yesterday Of Covid-19 And Why Are We Not Talking About It?

22:12 NetWerQ Interview With David Jobin, President & CEO of Our Fund Foundation

36:42 What Are Facebook Groups Talking About? Interview With Geo Bustamante & John Romano of Wilton Manors Group

46:40 The Big Finish:
46:51 Unprecedented’ named People’s Choice 2020 Word of the Year by
47:46 Python-sniffing dogs are Florida’s newest weapon in fighting invasive snakes
48:38 Christopher Walken Has Never Owned A Computer Or A Cell Phone

Queer Up South Florida

Interview With Geo Bustamante & John Romano of Wilton Manors Group

Because of Pandemic, Q News Tonight has been focusing on supporting our Local community. Local business, local charities and 501c3’s, local restaurants & bars and more. Tonight we are happy to be spotlighting our local South Florida LGBTQ Facebook Groups in finding out just what’s important to them… and just to see what they are talking about on Social Media, and tonight we are pleased to feature the Wilton Manors Group featuring over 7.7K Members.  It’s Founder, Geo Bustamante, is a Web Designer & Content Manager for a Marketing Agency raised in Miami and now living in Hawaii as a military spouse. He has created a community for all of it’s local businesses & those who live there to be able to have a voice & connect. Along with the Groups Moderator and Q Anchor John Romano, joining us tonight to talk about the Wilton Manors Group is Geo Bustamante!

Queer Up South Florida

NetWerQ Interview With David Jobin, President & CEO of Our Fund Foundation

Next up, Q News Tonight is proud to launch our BRAND NEW Thursday Night Business Professional Segment we are calling “NetWerQ”… where we will highlight & network LIVE with LGBTQ Business Leaders, Individuals, & Organizations. And make sure to follow Q News Tonight all of our Happening Out Television Network shows NOW on the Business Professional & Employment-Oriented Online Service Platform: LinkedIn! Tonight’s segment is on South Florida’s only LGBTQ community foundation that promotes a culture of philanthropy by uniting donors with organizations advancing LGBTQ issues in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties: Our Fund Foundation! (WATCH THIS) Our Fund Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organzation dedicated to securing the South Florida LGBTQ community’s future by promoting and increasing responsible philanthropy, strengthening community organizations and their leaders, and connecting donors to causes that matter. As the previous Executive Director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington and of the Stonewall National Museum & Archives, David Jobin has overseen financial growth of the organization from $2 Million in assets to $10 Million, allowing Our Fund to expand its impact on LGBTQ-serving agencies. Recent initiatives also include David launching Our Fund’s COVID-19 Resilience Fund, The Sage @ SOFLA initiative, the redesign of the Fall Leadership Forum, and the development of the Howard Greenfield Memorial Lecture Series. To tell us a bit more about Our Fund Foundation and its many contributions to the community is OurFund President & CEO: David Jobin! Welcome David.