Queer Up Covid Q&A

Q’s Q&A on LGBTQ Health & Pandemic, Mar 23

Welcome To Q’s Q&A On LGBTQ Health & Pandemic. For Nearly A Year This Segment Has Been Unique In America Answering Your LGBTQ Community Questions About Our Unique Health Needs. We Are Proud To Have Queer News Tonight Health Anchor Dr. Howard Grossman. He Is An American Pioneer In HIV/AIDS Medical Treatment And Was The Executive Director Of The American Academy Of HIV Medicine. He Is A Nationally Recognized Medical Expert And Proud Member Of Our LGBTQ Community.
Tonight’s Questions:
Question 1: Can There Be A World Without S.T.I.s If We Are Encountering Ever Greater Numbers And Even ‘Super Bugs’?
Question 2: Germany Has Extended Lockdowns Because Of A Possible “3rd Wave”. Do You Think This Is Something We Might See In The US?
Question 3: I Saw A Study That Said There Are Long-Term Neurological Symptoms To Covid. Should That Be A Worry?

Full News Episode Queer Up Covid Q&A

January 12 Q’s Health Q&A with Dr. Grossman

Do the benefits sufficiently outweigh the risks to warrant changing vaccination rollout?
I hear Covid19 Variants are more contagious. How do we know that?
How far away is the US from adopting the monthly HIV medication rolling out in the UK?