(Watch) Happening Out Television Network is proud to introduce you to GLAADS's 20 Under 20.  These are the LGBTQ communities most amazing young personalities that are dramatically effecting change in our community and more important, the broader American & World communities.  These 20 all under the age of 20 give us some hope for our future. Queer News Tonight is proud to introduce you to the LGBTQ communities leadership of tomorrow.  Meet our 20 Under 20. 

(Watch Live) On the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Uprisings, residents of Pompano Beach gathered together to celebrate and christen a new gay safe space. The event attendees, led by Anthony Kulp, named a portion of the seashore ‘Stonewall Beach,’ planted a gay pride flag, and made themselves at home. The group chose a spot in proximity to the seaside restaurants and attractions. Kulp proudly stated, ‘I wanted to pick a spot close to everything. We don’t need to hide at the end of the beach.’ Stonewall Beach is an inclusive queer space where anyone, including straight allies, should feel safe and welcome.

(Watch Live) When the transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson was alive, there were no murals created in her honor. There were no institutes in her name; and there were certainly no monuments recognizing her activism. In fact, according to historians, Johnson - now recognized as one of the most influential forces of the modern LGBTQ rights movement - was told to march in the back of New York City's first gay pride march in 1970. Now, more than 75,000 people have signed on to a petition to have a statue of Johnson erected in her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey, in place of its existing Christopher Columbus monument. We can only hope that this comes to fruition.

(Watch Live) A small town’s government refused to recognize Pride Month, saying that it would be unfair because there’s no 'Straight Pride.' But LGBTQ activists – armed with rainbow flags, feather boas, and balloons – put together an “ambush” Pride parade for the town this past Saturday. This past May, the town council in Emo, Ontario – population 1,333, near Canada’s border with Minnesota – voted against a resolution recognizing June as Pride Month in a 2-3 vote. That’s when Borderland Pride (an organization behind several Pride celebrations in towns near the Minnesota-Ontario border) co-chair Douglas Judson started to put together a plan, working with residents and businesses in the area to plan an 'ambush event.'

(Watch Live) Celebrities, politicians and activists on Saturday united with Global Pride 2020, a 24-hour virtual event created in light of widespread cancellations of Pride events and festivals due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event celebrated LGBTQ progress thus far and drew attention to the violence and oppression that Black LGBTQ and transgender individuals endure around the world. Global Pride organizers also collaborated with the founders of Black Lives Matter to amplify Black LGBTQ voices. More than just that though it was a beautiful reminder of how much our community owes to the black members of it, and the transgender members of it. It was a celebration in the middle of the pandemic that was as singular as it was beautiful. We here at Queer News Tonight hope it doesn't take a pandemic to bring so many people together in appreciation of our struggles for Stonewall next year.