(Watch Live) A Republican candidate for U.S. Congress was caught saying that she pulled her daughter out of college for 'a year of brainwash' because the daughter supported LGBTQ equality, drawing laughs from the Tea Party crowd. Michelle Steel is currently on the Orange County Board of Supervisors and she is running for California’s 48th Congressional District. Video of her speaking at a Newport Mesa Tea Party meeting in 2014 was released online this week. In 2017, she voted against funding for the Orange County Human Relations Commission. She also voted to block a report about hate crimes against LGBTQ people, immigrants, and minorities in the county.

(Watch Live) In a call-back to simpler times - before the unprecedented global pandemic and nationwide civil unrest - supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have co-opted a notorious joke made by President Trump four years ago on the campaign trail. “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?” Trump said, mimicking firing a gun with his fingers. But now Biden supporters are co-opting the joke on Twitter saying, and I quote, Joe Biden could shoot me in the middle of 5th Avenue and I would apologize to him for using up one of his bullets.'

(Watch Live) Joe Biden called a Fox News reporter a 'lying dog face' during a press conference on Tuesday - before being asked if he was in cognitive decline.  The presumptive Democratic nominee made the quip before he was questioned over his mental sharpness during a campaign event at a high school in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden responded saying he is 'constantly tested'. 'All you gotta do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against,' he said.

(Watch Live) Trump's advisors and the greater Republican party are beginning to feel a sense of panic come over them as more and more polls show the President running well behind challenger Joe Biden for the November election. Early optimism about a booming economic comeback has dampened because of new coronavirus outbreaks across the country, and with rallies seemingly not feasible for the foreseeable future the President's allies are not seeing much in the way of realistic ways to swing the momentum going into the summer months.

(Watch Live) The Lincoln Project, run by moderate Republicans who view Donald Trump as a threat to their party and their country, have continued to pound on issue after issue over the past several weeks. This is just the latest attack, and potentially one of the most damaging as many in his own base value nothing more than supporting our armed forces, with many of them serving in the Military themselves. So far the White House has given no clear indication that they have a suitable response for the attacks levied in the video.