Donald Trump's approval rating is higher than it has ever been, and in fact it has risen almost three percent since the COVID-19 crisis started.

Joe Biden had a very strong Super Tuesday III, sweeping the states of Arizona, Illinois, and Florida on the way to crushing victories. Following the elections Senator Sanders sa...Read More

In what was deemed as an upset, Dan Lipinski a eight term congressman was defeated by Marie Newman, a strong progressive who was backed by Planned Parenthood.

During an often time feisty debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders the former Vice President announced that his Vice President would be a woman. The move was immediately la...Read More

The Human Rights Campaign released a summary of their voter snapshot for match, which showed an increased interest in LGBTQ+ issues with voters across the country.

March 10 primary may mark the end of Bernie Sanders campaign. The six States at the polls today are showing huge numbers and massive support for Biden. 

The Trump campaign is doing everything it can to outwardly signal that there is no great preference between Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden, even sayi...Read More

The seat for Demcratic nominee of Presdient of the United States in the 2020 election will now likely belong to Joe Biden. Sanders and his more energized supporters are now disi...Read More

Joe Biden had a fantastic night Tuesday as he won a majority of the states that were contested on Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders underperformed expectations but with California s...Read More

Alongside Biden and Sanders' showings, there was the fact that Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg severely underperformed expectations on Super Tues...Read More

Texas was host to a slew of LGBTQ+ candidates winning their races in democratic primaries all across the state in what some described as a 'Rainbow Wave.'

Super Tuesday is the first big delegate prize of the election cycle as the race has effectively narrowed down to Joe Biden versus Bernie Sanders. 

Pete Buttigieg, former Mayor of South Bend, ended his historic run for President Sunday evening. Buttigieg's run will go down as the first openly gay man to be a serious con...Read More

Vice President Joe Biden scored a massive win for his campaign on Saturday, capturing nearly half the vote in the first Southern primary of the election cycle. Biden's neare...Read More

Pete Buttigieg has faced some criticism online after he made comments about the revolutionary era of the 60s. Some were quick to judge, however others have pointed out that his ...Read More

Pete Buttigieg went after Bernie Sanders on his healthcare proposals in the South Carolina Democratic Debate. While he and Sanders went back and forth on specifics, the exchange...Read More

Ahead of tonight's debate the anchors for Q News preview what they think is going to be the narrative for the final debate before Super Tuesday. Watch for the contrasting vi...Read More

 ...Read More

Senator Warren confronted Bloomberg with his history of sexist remarks towards women, and the other candidates joined in with quick remarks about the mayor's less-than-perfe...Read More

Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg qualified for the Wednesday Democratic Primary Debate in Nevada after a day of sparring with the front runner for the party's nominatio...Read More

There is a growing movement inside of LGBTQ+ that is dissatisfied with presidential candidate, former Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg. Is this fair or foul from the LGBTQ+ co...Read More

Some in the LGBT community argue that Pete Buttigieg is not queer enough to represent the gay community. The Q News Anchors discuss the observations that Mayor Pete is not gay e...Read More

While the Associated Press is unable to declare a final official winner for the Iowa Caucus, Mayor Pete is looking to walk away with the most delegates after beating out Sanders...Read More

The early NH Polls show Sanders with a lead over other Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls. After leaving Iowa without a satisfying lead, Sanders is ramping up huge sums of do...Read More

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