This coincides with a move to on Tuesday, NY Governor Cuomo announced that he was implementing a "containment area" around a one-mile radius in the city of New Rochelle, home to the largest cluster of coronavirus cases in the country.

.A Filipino politician has apologized for trying to use humiliation as a form of punishment on LGBTQ+ people who were out past Curfew. Punishments included trying to force them ...Read More

Some in the international community have expressed outrage over the fact that China has joined the United Nations Human Rights Council despite a long history of alleged human ri...Read More

A Brazilian trans woman was confronted and then gunned down by armed thugs while out with friends. Authorities have not been able to identify any suspects due to witnesses not c...Read More

Boris Johnson has been moved to the ICU after having suffered symptoms of COVID-19 for ten days. The Q News hosts turn a speculative eye towards a possible future where the Unit...Read More

An LGBTQ charity, the Albert Kennedy Trust in the United Kingdom, has suggested that young people to 'hit pause' on coming out while in lockdown with family that ma...Read More

.Recent forest fires in Chernobyl are causing the radiation levels to spike in the area. The fires have sparked an increase of nearly two thousand percent at their heart, alarmi...Read More

A gay couple in France received a note on their car suggesting that they move out of their home for fear that homosexuals will expose the community to Coronavirus.

There are growing concerns among countries around the world that a prolonged virus season could lead to farms being unattended long enough to meet food demands worldwide for the...Read More

In distressing news the country of Singapore has doubled down on their defense of Homophobia, insisting that those who participate in gay sex, a count in the millions according ...Read More

With a wave of revenge porn-like crimes in South Korea using the online messaging app Telegram, it has sparked a surge in women's rights throughout Asia as people look to cr...Read More

During the 10th anniversary of legalized gay marriage in Mexico 140 couples were wed in a massive wedding in Mexico City. What was also exciting about the event is now Transgend...Read More

There were hopes that the Coronavirus would slow down but a renewed surge in Asia has brought those hopes to a halt. Donald Trump has begun to place more blame on China for the ...Read More

.The United Kingdom has changed course while dodging criticism over their previous stance. Studies showed upwards of three hundred thousand deaths in the country with their prep...Read More

Germany announced that they would be shutting their borders to countries in Europe were confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. The move by the country brings the total number of Eu...Read More

Canada has recently introduced legislation to end the practice of gay "conversion therapy" in the country.

The Dow Jones opened today down 1300 points, and the tumble only continued as trading started with the index dropping as low as 2000 points from it's Friday end point before...Read More

A woman who identified as a Lesbian was sexually assaulted by three men, the youngest of which was 14, in an effort to "correct" her sexuality.

A film festival hosted by the government of Tel Aviv for the LGBTQ+ community has been protested by over 130 members of the community in opposition to the government's stanc...Read More

.For the first time in 30 years Putin has amended the constitution of Russia to weaken his potential successor in 2024. Specifically mentioned in the changes was enshrining marr...Read More

.A woman has been sentenced to 13 months in jail for stalking a gay man through Grinder. She had gone so far as to send nude photos of him to his family members in order to hara...Read More

By many scientific measures it is already too late to completely stop the decline that is going to be brought on by Climate Change. Just how steep will that decline be though re...Read More

A Polish court ruled that a campaign that linked pedophilia with homosexuality could be allowed due to the fact that it was 'informative.'

In the town of Imotski, Croatia an effigy of a same-sex couple with a child was burned during a carnival as crowds gathered around to cheer. The doll bore the face of left-wing ...Read More

Global pandemic concerns continue to grow as more cases continue to pop up around the world including Italy, South Korea, and Iran. There are mounting fears that containment is ...Read More

Last night in Germany, nearly a dozen people were killed in an apparent mass murder hate crime against immigrants. The gunman stormed 2 shisha bars, killing and injuring many, t...Read More

Finally a twist on the tired and discriminatory American rhetoric of "religious freedom" as thinly veiled homophobia. In the UK, National Health Services will expand t...Read More

gas, oil, and coal are responsible for a larger perentage of atmospheric methane, the extrmely potent warming gas, than previously suspected.

Over the weekend in Munich both in public and in private European allies of the United States lamented their lack of leadership on many critical issues.

The resolution conveys that it is only Congress that has the right to declare war, contrary to what the White House may think.

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Trump son-in-law prepares to outline White House Mideast peach plan. The timing during impeachment trial is interesting.

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