Whether store-bought or home-made, we discuss using cleansers to correctly protect you from spreading illness

Tips including practice social distancing, do not touch your face, washyour hands correctly, and more.

Fox News states that Coronavirus is being used as an Impeachment Scam by Democrats


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading expert on infectious diseases in the country, spoke openly about how the LGBTQ+ community led the way when it came to de-stigmatizing of HIV ...Read More

President Donald Trump's lack of coherence on COVID-19 has caught the eye of the Morning Joe crew, which brings up the President's many failings and repeated lies on the...Read More

House Democrats have managed to slip language into the COVID-19 relief bill that states any business that takes federal assistance will not be able to dissuade their workers fro...Read More

A protestor was arrested for planting a rainbow flag at a tent hospital in central park that is being run by Franklin Graham, the Reverend Billy Graham's son. The protestor ...Read More

A White House official has stated that the rise in the increase of anti-LGBTQ groups is actually due to the radical left, and not the White House's policies. The Southern Po...Read More

The Justice Department has said that Title IX, which protects student athletes from gender discrimination, does not apply to transgender female athletes. 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage through the United States, with now more than 5000 deaths confirmed as of today and projections looking grim as they predict six figure...Read More

NYC mourns the loss of a prominent Trans activist Lorena Borjas. On Monday Borjas died from complications arising from Covid19. Rest in Power Lorena.

In somber news many companies, including Q News Tonight, have made the decision to cancel April Fools plans this year because of the widespread of COVID-19

Governor Ron DeSantis, facing mounting national pressure, made the decision on Wednesday to issue a state wide stay-at-home order for the entire state of Florida following heavy...Read More

.Major headlines of the day in Breaking Queer News. ...Read More

In a phone interview with the hosts of Fox and Friends Trump cited voting measures that were originally part of the Coronavirus relief bill that in his estimation, if they becam...Read More

Lucian Wintrich, a self-identifying Twink and founder of 'Twinks for Trump' led a Coronavirus potluck with the aim of spreading the illness to others.

March 31st is the Transgender Day of Visibility, but the Idaho Governor, Brad Little, signed two bills that effectively tries to put them back into the shadows.

The United States' leading disease expert said that the President was very quick to understand the situation once he had the numbers in front of him, leading the President t...Read More

A transgender woman was fatally stabbed in the neck in Harlem Saturday morning. A friend of the victim, who referred to the victim as Lexi, thought she was killed due to a dispu...Read More

In news that stunned many there were over three million jobless claims this week, a record high. The stock market was not spooked by the news, however, as it had big gains on th...Read More

While the rest of the world expands policies of social distancing, personal isolation, and city curfews, in order to reduce face to face contact. Liberty University in Virginia ...Read More

In a historic agreement, the White House and Democratic Senators have agreed to a 2 billion dollar stimulus bill. The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 96-0.

It has been revealed that New Orleans is one of the worst hotbeds for the spread of the Coronavirus in the entire world, with experts saying the Mardi Gras activities a likely c...Read More

The Kinsa Smart Thermometers may allow us to track impending illness, and perhaps Coronavirus Covid19. At https://www.healthweather....Read More

President Trump held a press conference stating that he would not allow the cure of the Coronavirus to be worse than the disease, with an eye on making sure the economy can prop...Read More

In a shocking event a transgender woman of color was shot and killed in North Carolina as paramedics attended to her.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has tested positive for the COVID-19 strand of the coronavirus. This news set off alarms among Republicans who just this weekend were at a luncheon...Read More

The government announced today a one trillion dollars stimulus that included cash set aside for Americans to get through the pandemic. The announcement did not stop the stock ma...Read More

The cop who shot and killed the leader of the Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech will not face criminal charges.

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus Nevada has mandated that all casinos will be closed in the state for the next 30 days.

We take a look at the blatently contradictory statements Turmp has made regarding the way the Trump Administration is handling the Coronavirus crisis.

 Florida Governor takes the action to close many Florida businesses in the hopes of slowing down the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Stafford Act was invoked by President Trump although there has been some question about what he could be talking about. Could this be another hoax?

The Ohio Democratic Primary was halted today after the Ohio Health Department stepped in to have the election be shut down.

.A deputy who is lesbian was fired by the Hamilton County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Office. She now runs for Sheriff to take his office from him. 

The Dow Jones fell almost 3,000 points Monday, in a stock crash that was worse than any one day during the great depression. This free fall is in spite of the fact that the US c...Read More

The Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States even as the CDC warns people against gathering in large crowds. Some Republican lawmakers, however, are bucking that adv...Read More

While the world is worried over Coronavirus fears President Trump has signaled that he may be issuing a full pardon of Michael Flynn soon.

Honey Mahogany was elected to a seat on the Democratic County Central Committee in March 2020. She is the first black transgender person to win an ...Read More

With fears of the Coronavirus growing the decision was made to cancel the Ultra Music Festival in Miami which was scheduled to begin in the third week of March.

Governor Ralph Northam signed into law a ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Tuesday that makes it the 20th state in the nation to do so. Notably, it is the first of the former southe...Read More

25 are now confirmed dead after a tornado tore through Tennessee and destroyed several homes.  The tornado was classified as an EF-3, classified as a major tornado. ...Read More

Chris Matthews 'Retired' live on air on his show Hardball Monday night. During his speech he alluded to harassment allegations against him which has led to speculation i...Read More

Over the weekend the U.S. saw its first two deaths related to Coronavirus. Reporting has indicated that both victims had underlying health issues that made them more at risk. As...Read More

Chris Matthews announced his retirement live on air. Effective immediately, Matthews will no longer be a part of MSNBC.

During a press conference yesterday President Trump named Vice President Pence to head up the task of combating the Coronavirus. This sparked controversy among people familiar w...Read More

Justin Flippen, Mayor of Wilton Manors, passed away at the age of 41. It appears that he died of a brain aneurysm on his way to a city meeting. We take a look at his interviews ...Read More

Donald Trump is reported to be furious over the fact that his health officials have warned the public about the Coronavirus, which he believes could be behind the stock market c...Read More

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice is reportedly working hard to influence Donald Trump on who he hires and fires. Her group, Groundswell, provided Trump with a memo wh...Read More

Nobel prize winning Economist Paul Krugman calls out the GOP hypocrisy when it comes to the party uses the deficient to shape public opinion on the economy whichever way pleases...Read More

Chris Matthews on Saturday compared Senator Bernie Sanders' impeding victory in the Nevada Caucus with the Nazi defeat of France in 1940. This has drawn sharp critique not o...Read More

In a touching moment in Denver, Colorado a 9-year-old boy asked Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for advice about coming out as gay. Buttigieg remarked about the young boy&...Read More

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor did not hold back in a scathing dissent published Friday night, giving criticism to the government for repeatedly asking the Supreme Court ...Read More

Trump's pick for Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell is notorious for stirring up controversy in his former role as US Ambassador to Germany. When the appoint...Read More

Three judges of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Tallahassee federal judge’s injunction that a state law implementing Amendment 4 amounted to an unfair poll...Read More

The organization known as "Freedom for All" has been a large part of getting 226 anti-LGBTQ bills in front of state legislators, even going so far as authoring templat...Read More

A professor in Ohio who caused a media firestorm when he took his case to court over misgendering his trans student has lost his case.

Donald Trump issued a Presidential Pardon to 11 people guilty of Federal crimes. Several convicts to receive these pardons are very wealthy individuals who have served years in ...Read More

The Boy Scouts of America, the venerable non-profit, has been rocked with sex-abuse lawsuits in recent years which has forced it to seek Bankruptcy Protection.

Iowa Senator Dennis Guth has introduced a bill which seeks "A consideration of fra...Read More

Students of Kennedy Catholic High School and their parents are causing an uproar in Burien, WA . School official maintain that the two teachers "volunturily resig...Read More

Tonight we Q-up “TRASH”.  The first time we have ever said that at Q News Tonight. WTACH LIVE commentary to UNDERSTAND WHY: listen to Rush Limbaugh...Read More

A 5th grade teacher humiliated a girl in front of her entire class over a rumor that she was dating her female friend. The teacher only got a verbal warning which outraged the m...Read More

A St. Louis Police Officer reached a $10.25 million dollar settlement after a jury awarded him 20 million last year over being told to "tone down your gayness" during ...Read More

In step with the promises made the the Trump Administration, Rep. Sharon Cooper from Marietta, GA has voted to move the State of Georgia forward in the attempts to slow the...Read More

The former National Security Council staffer Alexander Vindman joins the group of honest people whom the president has set his sights on for telling the truth.

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