(Watch Live) In a decision that undermines LGBTQ teachers at religious schools, the U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed for Catholic schools an expansive ministerial exemption in hiring practices under civil rights law.  In the 7-2 decision issued on Wednesday, U.S. Associate Justice Samuel Alito writes religious institutions have authority under the First Amendment to make employment decisions for teachers who educate in faith matters consistent with their religious beliefs - even if that would be considered unlawful discrimination at secular places of employment, such as anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

(Watch Live) In news that broke earlier today the Supreme Court ruled that New York prosecutors could go after Trump's financial records, as he is not immune like the President's attorneys had tried to argue. The 7-2 decision does come with a caveat however that instead of forcing action today, the court kicked the case back down to a lower court as they said Trump's lawyers had the right to present a different defense to the subppoenas. In the case of the House subpoenas, they for the moment blocked Democrats from obtaining the records but also sent that case back down to the lower courts as well. President Trump, for his part, has been tweeting for hours now that he is very upset about the rulings

(Watch Live) Tucker Carlson went on a lengthy tear against two Republican senators proposing that Columbus Day be scrapped as a federal holiday and replaced by Juneteenth. This proposal really set Carlson off Wednesday night, saying that Republicans are just trying to appease the 'hysteria' going on around the country. He went on to tell viewers they should let the senators know they see them 'trying to cancel Columbus Day' and, referencing recent coverage of George Washington statues and Mount Rushmore, declared that other federal holidays could be next.

(Watch Live) Florida manatees remain in troubled waters because of the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, the environmental benefits and lower pollution may not be helping the gentle species, according to research. the pandemic has led to more unsafe boating activity, delays to environmental project launches and even changes in public policy - none of which favor these gentle giants. Deaths of at-risk manatees climbed by about 20% from April through May compared to 2019.