An Anti-LGBTQ+ pastor has been arrested following his refusal to stop services at his megachurch. The pastor had promised people everlasting toilet paper in exchange for their p...Read More

A Christian evangelist who mocked people's efforts to be safe during the COVID-19 outbreak has died from it. He spread misleading memes online saying it was all a hoax meant...Read More

The Minister who teaches bible study for members of Trump's cabinet went on the record to state that he believes that LGBTQ people are the cause of the coronavirus.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to a group of conservative church leaders to reassure them that the stimulus package working its way through the Senate would include them, des...Read More

A Fundamentalist church has sued the city of Edinburgh because the city would not allow the church, named Destiny Church, to use the publicly owned 'Usher Hall' for its three day conference due to a homophobic preacher.

In a stunning letter posted to his website, Roman Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke said that people should continue to attend church in person despite the COVID-19 crisis and one...Read More

BYU Students are protesting the school's policy towards LGBTQ+ behavior after the school clarified that changes to its honor code did not mean that the school accepted the l...Read More

Pastor Rex Cornwell had made the argument that he was defending Biblical values by having an anti-gay sign in front of his church. Many disagreed however, thinking instead it wa...Read More

There have been 35 confirmed deaths in New Delhi, India in relation to a new law that would impose restrictions on the Muslim community residing in the country.

An important question of first amendment rights is raised over the fact that a Christian was barred from handing out pamphlets to those in an LGBT studies class.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints published a handbook spelling out the Church's official stance on transgender members and gender-reassignment. While it does ...Read More

The latest episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight featured Pastor Rhyan Glezman, Buttigieg's brother-in-law, publicly denouncing Pete for the candidate's sacrilegious politic...Read More

While on a radio talk show, EW Jackson expressed his opinion that the LGBT Community rejects Donald Trump because the President is too masculine.  Our hosts discuss how the...Read More

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