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.A man has died after taking President Trump's suggestion that Chloroquine Phosphate could help ward off the Coronavirus, and his wife has been hospitalized.

We are joined by Dr. Sharma and Dr. Renae to discuss the medical impact COVID19 has on the LGBT Community and to answer viewer questions about this Pandemic.

Older citizens are at exponentially greater risk of death once they have contracted Covid19, with the 80+ year old crowd experiencing nearly 15% rate of death. While the percent...Read More

Follow these laundry tips to lower your risk of contraction from particles your clothes accumulated during the day.

From sick leave, doctors notes, and workplace respiratory etiquette, we review the facts to be aware of for employees and employers.

Prides are affected all over the world, and gay bars/clubs are next. What steps can you take to act responsibly when in public spaces.

Much of LGBT culture is centered around dining, and these tips will help you to act responsibly when enjoying the evening out for diner.

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Should we be taking advantage of the new greatly discounted prices popping up?

The gym is an important part of LGBT culture and so we must take steps to protect ourselves from spreading the virus

We take a look at the information spreading about Coronavirus and debunk some myths about how to protect yourself.

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.The Q News Hosts discuss the impact of Coronavirus on the LGBTQ+ vote at large along with the spread worldwide. 

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