(Watch) We finally have an idea we can all agree with, an undercover gay that can help the girl out from picking the trashiest of the guys. I am just mad I didn't think of it myself, and this hilarious video is good news!

(Watch) We have followed this story for some time, about the man who fought and fought to cling onto life and now... after over four months he has been released from the hospital! Here's to you, Larry, and your recovery is good news!

(Watch) In a uniquely fitting story out of the land down under, today's good news comes as the last 747 is retired by way of Kangaroo. In total, the plane traveled 1000 miles in the air in order to pull off the impressive trick of its route looking like a pretty good impression of a line-drawn Kangaroo, which is the logo for Qantas Airlines who was retiring the plane. I've got to say looking at it now it is pretty impressive, but I bet they only did this because fuel prices are pretty low right now.

(Watch) Queer News Tonight presents our segment "Good News". We all need a smile and a laugh, especially during Pandemic. And if it comes at the expense of the Preside...Read More

(Watch) Captain Tom stole our hearts when he walked to raise millions, and now he has been honored with a knighthood by the Queen that made us all smile big in today's good news!