(Watch) We take a break from the political climate of 2020 to show you a bear stealing a pumpkin, because that's the 2020 we all actually deserve.

(Watch) Our last LGBTQ story of the day comes in the form of some good news that we found on the internet today and we just had to share it. This is the power of Gaga meets beau...Read More

(Watch) In an amazing stunt, David Blaine gives a nod to both the movie 'Up' as well as the award-winning short film 'The Red Balloon' by going miles into the air holding nothing but balloons.

(Watch) We finally have an idea we can all agree with, an undercover gay that can help the girl out from picking the trashiest of the guys. I am just mad I didn't think of it myself, and this hilarious video is good news!

(Watch) We have followed this story for some time, about the man who fought and fought to cling onto life and now... after over four months he has been released from the hospital! Here's to you, Larry, and your recovery is good news!