(Watch) Centaur MC, the 50-year-old leather organization that hosts one of the nation’s oldest, most beloved, and best-attended LGBTQ leather events, Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, officially announced on Monday night that the 2021 event is canceled.

(Watch) The dictionary is queerer than ever. On Tuesday, the website Dictionary.com announced that it is adding 650 new words to its glossary, in addition to revising over 11,000 existing definitions in its search engine.

(WATCH) Queer News Tonight has a presentation we have prepared for all of the nerds in our audience tonight. Including myself. We hope you enjoy a special photo essay of the Top Hottest men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and not to give too much of a spoiler... # 1 is missed and on all of our minds.

A recently resurfaced tale from 12th century Ireland features a passage where a woman admits to having 'playful mating with another woman' and we are here for it.

(Watch) A groundbreaking new study shows that holding a diversity-themed game in support of LGBTQ people can decrease the use of homophobic slurs like "fag" by 40 percent among players .