(Watch Live) Last Wednesday Queer News Tonight brought this story and now we have some fantastic news. After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, the Stonewall Inn appears to be saved from the devastating economic effects of COVID. Donors across the world contributed a total of $250,000 to secure the future of the iconic bar which, in many ways, served as the backdrop, birthplace, and catalyst for the modern gay rights movement. While it is already designated as a US National monument, the prolonged period of closure due to Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions placed the still-functioning bar in a tough situation financially. When the owners suggested that they might shutter the doors for good, a community of people came together to protect the place that, 50 years ago, sparked an ongoing revolution in LGBTQ rights.

(Watch Live) Marsha P Johnson, a well-known trans activist and Stonewall icon, graces the homepage of the internet in her very own Google Doodle. Johnson is often credited with throwing the first brick during the 1969 Stonewall uprising. While whether that brick was physical or symbolic has been debated, Johnson’s involvement in the advancement of gay rights issues cannot be denied. As a black Trans woman, civil rights activist, drag queen, and sex worker, a Google doodle featuring the ‘Saint of Christopher Street’ is a milestone for many marginalized groups.

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(WATCH LIVE) Writer Alex Ebel, who lives in New Orleans, penned a piece in late March titled: '2 Weeks Ago I Could Have Sex Whenever I Wanted. The Coronavirus Changed That,' about how he was turning to virtual mediums, like video chat, to connect during the pandemic. By mid-June, Ebel said his stance about meeting up for sex IRL hasn’t really changed much.'We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and just because people got too bored and decided to go to the mall again doesn’t mean it’s actually the smart thing to do,' he said.