Thursday, It’s Happening Out Host, Ron Breneski tested positive for Covid 19. He is hospitalized and in medical ICU. Everyone at Happening Out Television Network is p...Read More

In news that is sure to break the heart of every guy and gal into hookup culture, the Coronavirus may be endangering the world's supply of condoms.

What happens to our LGBTQ charities during CORONAVIRUS? The World Aids Museum is at great risk unless we raise $10k during this crisis. It's hard for all of us... buts let&#...Read More

A new dating app is launching which caters to the lesser endowed and matches them with persons who seek a smaller partner.

Aaron Schock, three time house rep from Illinois, came out as gay over the weekend. The Republican politician said that if he were in congress today he would fight for LGBTQ+ ri...Read More

Twitter debuted a new feature in the form of 'Fleets' - Tweets that would not be available to retweet or favorite and that would disappear after 24 hours. Some in the LG...Read More

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