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Ezra Miller was caught on tape grabbing a woman by the throat and throwing her to the ground. The video has sparked a lot of controversy online as some are questioning what...Read More

Larry Kramer, famous AIDs activist and playwright of the acclaimed 'Normal Heart', has begun working on a play that will cover the COVID-19 crisis the world is currently...Read More

Michelle Visage, one of the judges on RuPaul's Drag Race, said in an interview that when she gets her own show she would welcome Bio Queens as well as Transgender people to ...Read More

Kate McKinnon of Saturday Night Live fame is set to star in a dramatized adaptation of the Netflix true crime documentary "Tiger King" that follows the exploits of a g...Read More

Miley Cyrus, while doing a makeup tutorial with Justin Bieber's sister, recalled how the conversation therapy she witnessed growing up effected her relationship with the chu...Read More

Caitlyn Jenner's transition has softened older generation's stance on trans rights, a new study finds.

It was recently announced that acclaimed game The Last of Us was getting a television show, and it is now confirmed that it will air on HBO. The show's creator addressed one...Read More

Taylor Swift has made waves with her new music video "The Man." In it Taylor plays a Man, with full on beard and flashy suits. The transformation is certainly impressi...Read More

In Pixar's film "Onward" there will be Disney's first openly gay character in an animated film. The character, aOfficer Specter, casually comments about her gi...Read More

Disney made the decision to pull Love, Simon from its Disney+ streaming service and instead made the decision to air it on its more adult oriented service, Hulu, due to the show...Read More

RuPaul announces that Drag Race All Stars will be leaving VH1 and heading to Showtime. Al Ferguson lets us in on some juicy rumors about the talent heading to the new season of ...Read More

Justin Bieber opened up about his faith, citing how he had to overcome bad examples of Christianity and a lack of role models in order to find Jesus for himself while promoting ...Read More

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg fired back at Rush Limbaugh over comments made about him publicly kissing his husband, refusing to "take lectures on family values&quo...Read More

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is finally living her dream to be a judge on Drag Race! She will be one of the guest judges in Season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race, which will also feat...Read More

Parasite makes history as the first Non-English movie to win an Oscar. 

Joaquin Phoenix gives a passionate speech to his Hollywood peers about the importance of continuing to work for equality.

Hillary Clinton Returns to The Ellen Show to talk about the Impeachment results, that she turned down President Obama, and how draining it was to relive the Monica Lewinsky...Read More

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Disney may have left out these scenes in the official release of Frozen II, but SNL shows us what we missed.The scenes feature a Gay Elsa (Kate McKinnon), a Q supportive An...Read More

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The reboot of the L-Word has been renewed for another season!