(Watch) Exclusion of LGBTQ stories from holiday movies is now a thing of the past, and now Lifetime has upped the stakes with the announcement that  its cast for the gay-themed holiday movie The Christmas Setup, which will star real-life married couple Blake Lee  and Ben Lewis.

(Watch) Time to break out the Ouija board because things are getting ooky and spooky with the RuPaul’s Drag Race girls. No, it’s not Bianca Del Rio out of hair and makeup, we’re talking about a new Halloween-themed outdoor exorcism extravaganza.

(Watch) Queer Eye star Tan France is bringing his lessons in style, confidence, and fashion directly to you — along with his entire closet. Available now, the Fab 5's favorite fashionista can impart his wisdom through MasterClass, the streaming platform where you can learn valuable lessons from some heavyweight hitters among industry leaders including RuPaul, Martin Scorsese, and Christina Aguilera.

(Watch) )Children’s author and psychotherapist Mark Loewen has just released a new colouring book for children, which features and celebrates LGBTQ families. The book features pictures to colour of LGBTQ families just doing normal family activities, like celebrating the child’s birthday or going for a day out.

(Watch) The trailer for Jeffrey Bower-Chapman's upcoming horror movie Spiral has everything: jump scares, creepy cults, homophobic graffiti, gaslighting partners, and even sacrificial rituals.