(Watch Live) A wave of layoffs seems to be coming in the airline industry, with United Airlines warning employees that it may have to furlough nearly half of its U.S. workforce this fall. United told 36,000 employees on Wednesday that mass furloughs might be necessary, because of continuing losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic and collapse in air travel. The warnings came during town hall meetings with employees. A senior executive told The Wall Street Journal that mass furloughs would be a 'last resort.'

(Watch Live)  Facebook has responded to the activists’ complaint about one particular post from a user named Abdullah, which translated to: 'If you think it’s your right to act on sodomy, then it’s my right to throw you off the roof.' Facebook reportedly responded to the queer MENA activists by replying that the post “doesn’t go against our community standards, including hate speech.' 22 LGBTQ+ activists and groups have written an open letter to Facebook, urging them to take more action against such violent rhetoric in the Middle East and North Africa as it does in western countries.

(Watch Live) Facebook is beginning to take the boycott from many large corporate entities seriously as its ad revenue is beginning to dwindle. On Tuesday Facebook took decisive action against a large extremist 'boogaloo' group - a term used by people to describe a second civil war. Tuesday’s move by Facebook designates the right wing 'boogaloo' network as a dangerous organization similar to the Islamic State group and white supremacists, both of which are already banned from its service. The ban comes months after researchers began warning Facebook about the group.

(Watch Live) Citing ‘hateful conduct’, Amazon’s video game streaming site Twitch has formally banned Donald Trump’s channel from the platform. The allegations primarily centered around Trump’s rallies. In two separate rally videos, he makes racist statements about the ‘tough hombres’, rapists, and drug dealers that Mexico knowingly sends across the US Border. The decision follows a rough week in which Twitch has been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and harrassment amongst streamers and viewers.

(Watch Live) The Facebook advertising boycott has expanded to include more big-brands this week, with carmaker Ford, clothing giant Adidas, tech firm HP and U.S. retailer Best Buy each temporarily pausing spending on the social network. While social media experts remain uncertain of the long-term damage of the ongoing campaign, one industry consultant told Newsweek it may "tarnish" the brand. There are now over 200 companies involved in the 'Stop Hate for Profit' campaign that calls on businesses to limit advertising on the Mark Zuckerberg-led platform due to its allegedly lax policies on hate speech, extremism and misinformation.